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Genius Brain Kids Franchise opportunity

Genius Brain Kids Franchise
Do you want to give good education to your kids? So Franchise Batao has come up with a education business opportunity.

Genius Brain kids, International Hi-Tech youngster Development School. It is a one of a kind school in India utilizing Japanese (RBD Right brain Development), American Montessori, and Indian Gurukul framework.The vission of Genius Brain Kids is to maintain brain value in a positive value. So that they can catch everything very easily.

Who can take Genius Brain Kids Franchise

  • Teacher
  • Business man/women
  • A student who is graduate
  • Housewife

Franchise investment :- Investment of Genius Brain Kids franchise is 99,999

Support by Genius Brain Kids

  1. Training support
  2. Required material
  3. advertisement material
  4. online marketing

Want to get Genius Brain Kids franchise:

  1. Apply online at 
  2. Just click on the Link to reach directly Dr. Kumar Sir WhatsApp No. :-…

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