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Empowering Entrepreneurs: A Recap of the Franchise Batao Business Awards 2024

The Franchise Batao Business Awards lit up Mumbai’s Green Village Resort on March 17, 2024, with the glittering presence of Bollywood luminary Sharman Joshi and a constellation of social media stars. Franchise Batao, an influential player in India’s franchise development landscape, played host to this prestigious event.

As Sharman Joshi graced the stage as the chief guest, accompanied by the radiant presence of Bollywood actress Bhoomika Chawla, the event sparkled with star power. Among the notable attendees were esteemed personalities like Coach B.S.R., a revered business coach, and influencers from the digital sphere such as Zishan from Learnings, Mangesh Shinde from The Willpower Star, and the dynamic motivational speaker Mahendra Dhogane.

The event also saw the participation of distinguished entrepreneurs like Basesh Gala, the visionary behind Thirty Nine Solutions, Durvesh Yadav from Rising Star Communications, and Alok Singh from Business In Bihar, among a host of other luminaries.

Nominated Awardees in Business Awards 2024

  1. Ketan Joshi:- Best Astrologer in India
  2. Mr. Jitendra Joshi:- Best celebrity astrologer Love Guru
  3. Praveen Kumar:- Best astrologer in India
  4. Ravindra Bhargava:-
  5. Sagar Joshi:- Best Celebrity Astrologer and Occult Master
  6. Dr Darshan Sharma:-
  7. Astrologer Vinod Joshi:- Best Love Problem Specialist Astrologer
  8. Deepak Upadhyay:- Best abroad education and Workpermit provider in GUJRAT
  9. Sonali Upadhyay:- India’s best travel and tourism company
  10. Ms Sweta Sharad Vora:- Best Europe Student VISA Consultancy in Gujarat
  11. Munjay Sukhadiya:- Best study abroad education service provider for USA
  12. Lakhan Patel:- Patel Classes
  13. Pankaj Chiraniya:- Leading Interior Designer in 2023-24
  14. Jagwinder Singh:- Leading Brand of IT Education
  15. Dilip Patel:- India’s fastest growing bath were & sanitary Brand
  16. Mr Tejinder Singh Sabarwal:- First Hotel Management College with Earn & Learn Approach
  17. Lakhan Patel:- Educationist Of The Year
  18. Sonika
  19. Sunnil Naik
  20. Miss Ishita Biswas:- Aulva Miss India 2024
  21. Vishal Parmar:- Leading Tea Chain Business of the Year
  22. Bhavesh M Chikhaliya:- Leading PVC Manufacturer of the Year
  23. Alok Kumar:- Fastest Growing Fashion Wear Brand
  24. Mr. Nihal:- Fastest Growing School in India, for Its Innovation and Commitment to Excellence in Education.
  25. Pavan Kumar Bharadwaj Manda:- Excellence in Foreign Education Services
  26. Mohd Jawed Ansari:- Clip Academy
  27. Anil Joshi:- Best Astrologer of the Year
  28. Nikky Neelesh Malviya:- Best Film Production Service of the Year
  29. Maya Joshi:- Best Love problem & Black magic expert of the year
  30. Mr. Rajesh:- Founder Roy Cruiser LLP
  31. Rahul Singh:- Best Pharmacy Teacher & Best Career Counsellor Institute
  32. Dr Gargi Limaye:- Leading Education Consultant In India 2024
  33. Ruchikkumar Kanubhai Patel
  34. Roopal Kanjara:- India’s Best Female Trader & Fund Manager
  35. Vinayak Kulkarni:- Chief Scientist Suvidha Lifesciences
  36. Mohan K Rawat:- Best Hotel Consultant at Fccm Hospitality Service
  37. Mr Akash Rode:- Fastest Growing Fast Food Retail Chain in India
  38. Shyam Joshi:- Best Astrologer of The Year in India
  39. Neha Rathore:- Emerging Vastu Shastra Expert & Interior Designer
  40. Ritambhara Ranawat:- Emerging Satirist
  41. Vieeresh Sharrma:- Emerging Business Communication Coach, Soft Skills & Spoken English Trainer
  42. Sudesh Gangrade:- Emerging Life & Performance Coach
  43. Saurav Hariharan:- Digital Business Setup Coach
  44. Shiba Shaikh:- Leading Model & Actress
  45. Kapil Soham:- Leading Businessman in Delhi
  46. Charanjit Singh Sondhi:- Best Song Burj Khalifa.
  47. Arpit Kumar:- Leading Optical Chain in India
  48. Araham Sawant:- Best Supporting Role Movie KAFAS
  49. Asalam Hasan:- Commissioner Custom Department Mumbai
  50. Uma Kumari:- Digital Marketing Expert at DM Steps
  51. Sejal Tanwer:- Social Media Expert at Mudra Centre

The Franchise Batao Business Awards were orchestrated by a trio of individuals: Ashish Agrawal, Shivani Agrawal, and Chitresh Soni. Their presence ensured the seamless execution of the event. Conversations revolved around the pervasive influence of technology across diverse sectors, ranging from entrepreneurship to healthcare and beyond. Tusharika Sharma and Leslie Tripathi adeptly guided the proceedings as hosts.

Ashish Agrawal, the mastermind behind Franchise Batao, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming response to the event. He underscored the collective effort and foresight necessary for shaping the nation’s future.

Sharman Joshi, the esteemed guest, commended the Franchise Batao Business Awards 2024 for fostering dialogue and cooperation. He emphasized their pivotal role in sculpting the nation’s developmental trajectory.

Looking forward, Ashish Agrawal emphasized that the event marked merely the beginning of ongoing endeavors to empower entrepreneurs through franchise expansion and digital platforms. He conveyed a resolute commitment to enhancing future iterations of the awards, recognizing their indispensable contribution to propelling the nation forward.

Franchise Batao Business Awards 2024 Memories

Franchise Batao Business Awards Memories  Franchise Batao Business Awards Memories  Franchise Batao Business Awards Memories   Bollywood artist Sharman Joshi, along with several other stars

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