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Startup & Franchise Expo in Rajkot

Startup & Franchise Expo in rajkot

Get ready for the Startup & Franchise Expo in Rajkot presented by GPBS 2023, where you’ll witness groundbreaking ideas, game-changing innovations, and the future of entrepreneurship. Join us to explore a world of pioneering startups and visionary franchises, and find the next big thing!

Introduction to Startup & Franchise Expo in Rajkot

The GPBS 2023 Startup & Franchise Expo in Rajkot is an exciting event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts in one platform to showcase the latest innovations and trends in the startup and franchise world.

Date: 7,8,9,10 th January 2024 | Timing: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Venue: Parsana Chowk New 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat

One of the main highlights of this year’s expo is its focus on innovation. With the rapid advancement of technology, there has been a surge of innovative ideas and business models emerging in various industries. The GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo recognizes the importance of innovation in driving business growth and success. As such, it will feature a special section dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge technologies, products, and services from start-ups that are disrupting traditional industries.

In addition to networking opportunities and product showcases, there will be several insightful sessions on topics such as funding options for startups

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What is the purpose of the expo?

The purpose of the GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo in Rajkot is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, startups, and franchisors to showcase their innovative ideas and products. It aims to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, established businesses, investors, industry experts, and government officials under one roof to foster collaboration and promote growth in the business world.

One of the primary purposes of this expo is to inspire and encourage individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to turn their ideas into successful businesses. The event will feature keynote speakers who are successful entrepreneurs themselves, sharing their insights and experiences on how they started and grew their businesses. These talks will not only motivate attendees but also provide valuable knowledge and advice on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the expo serves as a networking opportunity for participants. Attendees can interact with like-minded individuals from different industries, exchange ideas, and potentially form partnerships or collaborations that could benefit their business ventures. This networking aspect is crucial for startups or small businesses looking for mentors or investors who can help them grow.

Why should you attend the expo?

Attending a business expo can be a valuable experience for entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring startups. It provides a platform for networking, learning, and showcasing your products or services to potential customers and investors. In this section, we will explore the various reasons why attending the GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo in Rajkot should be at the top of your priority list.

  1. 10 Lakh plus Visitors
  2. 1100 plus Exhibitors
  3. 35+ Country Participated
  4. Network and Expand your Business


Who will be attending the expo?

The GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo in Rajkot is an exciting event that brings together innovative startups, established businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs. With a wide range of industries and business models represented you may be wondering who exactly will be attending this expo.

1. Startups:

One of the main highlights of the expo is the presence of various startups from different industries. These are new businesses that are just starting out or have been in operation for a few years. Startups at the expo will include tech companies, e-commerce platforms, social enterprises, and more.

2. Franchisees:

Franchising has become a popular option for many entrepreneurs looking to enter the business world with a proven model. The GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo will also feature franchise opportunities from well-known brands across different sectors such as food and beverage, retail, education, healthcare, etc. This provides attendees with a chance to explore potential partnerships or investment opportunities.

3. Investors:

Investors play a crucial role in supporting startups and fueling their growth. At this expo, you can expect to meet angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and other funding sources who are interested in discovering new businesses with high potential for success.

4 . Business owners/Entrepreneurs:

The expo also welcomes established business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for new products/services to enhance their existing operations

What to expect at the expo?

The GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo in Rajkot is a highly anticipated event for entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and anyone interested in the world of startups and franchises. With a diverse range of exhibitors, keynote speakers and workshops, the expo promises to be an exciting and informative experience. In this section, we will take a closer look at what you can expect when attending the expo.

  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Exhibitor Showcase:
  3. Keynote Speakers & Panel Discussions:


Exhibitor booths and showcases

The GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo in Rajkot is a must-attend event for anyone looking to network and connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. One of the main highlights of this expo is the exhibitor booths and showcases that will feature some of the most innovative startups and franchise opportunities.

1.1 – Exhibitor booths:
At the GPBS STARTUP & FRANCHISE Expo, there will be a wide range of exhibitor booths set up by various companies, organizations, and startups. These booths will offer attendees an opportunity to interact with the representatives of these businesses and learn more about their products or services.

The exhibitor booths will showcase a diverse range of industries such as technology, retail, food and beverage, healthcare, education, finance, and many more. This provides attendees with a chance to explore different sectors and discover potential business opportunities.

Moreover, these booths also serve as a platform for startups to display their products or services to a larger audience. It gives them an opportunity to gain exposure and attract potential customers or investors.

1.2 – Showcases:
Apart from the traditional exhibition stalls at the expo, there will also be designated showcase areas where selected startups will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas or products in front of a panel of judges. These showcases provide a stage for entrepreneurs to present their innovations in front of a live audience and receive valuable feedback from industry experts.


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