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Shantilal’s Food Franchise

Shantilal’s sweet ventures in early 2013 Then. Now flourished into a These outlets serve Sweets, and cuisines spanning Indian, Continental, Chinese, South Indian & Regional foods. SHANTILALS FOODS VENTURES follows the casual dining concept and provides a warm and hospitable ambiance in the outlets and Shantilal’s fast food. Today, Shantilal’s Food Franchise with Shantilal’s Foods Ventures, Shantilal’s Foods Court, Shantilal’s fast food, and Shantilal’s family restaurant. We welcome all of you for connecting with us and spreading love everywhere with delicious food. And earn well in this kind of food business. And be the boss of your own business at an affordable price with sufficient area. read all details below.

Benefits of Shantilal’s Food Franchise:

  • Owning a Food franchise brings with it a multitude of benefits. Firstly, you gain instant brand recognition and a loyal customer base.
  • Customers are more likely to trust a familiar brand, ensuring a steady stream of revenue. Additionally, a franchise offers ongoing support and guidance, from training programs to marketing strategies.
  • You’ll also benefit from collective buying power, allowing you to procure ingredients and equipment at a lower cost.
  • the sweet shop industry is recession-resistant, as sweets are an integral part of Indian culture and celebrations.

The Potential of Shantilal’s Food Franchise in India:

Shantilal’s Food Franchise in India is a lucrative market with immense potential. Indians have a deep-rooted love of delicious food and sweets, and it is an integral part of their heritage and traditions. The demand for sweets is not limited to festive occasions but extends to everyday celebrations and gifting purposes. This consistent demand ensures a stable market and ample opportunities for growth. Furthermore,  indicating a vast consumer base that presents a significant market potential. Investing in a sweet shop franchise allows you to tap into this ever-growing market and capitalize on the Indian love affair with Delicious food & sweets.Shantilal's food franchise , Shantilal's sweet shop, Shantilal's food ventures

Business Model Of Shantilal’s Food Franchise:

In India Shantilal’s Food Ventures is providing services through different franchise like Shantilal’s Sweet Shop franchise, Bakery Business Opportunity, restaurant franchise in India, Shantilal’s Foods Court, Shantilal’s fast food, Shantilal’s family restaurant, Shantilal’s restaurant franchise. You can start your business with any kind of franchise Model given below;

Model no.1 cake, Bakery, Snacks

  • Investment:- 15 Lacs Onwards
  • Profit Margin:- 25-30%
  • Franchise Fee;- 5 Lakh
  • Shantilal's Food Franchise, Shantilal's food ventures.Area:- 200 sqft

Model no.2 cake, Bakery, Snacks, Sweets

  • Investment:- 1.5 Crore Onwards
  • Profit Margin:- 30-40%
  • Franchise Fee;- 25 Lakh
  • Area:- 1200 – 1500 sqft

Model no.3  cake, Bakery, Snacks, Sweets, Restaurant cost

  • Investment:- 2 Crore Onwards
  • Profit Margin:- 30-45%
  • Franchise Fee;- 35 Lakh
  • Area:- 2500 – 3000 sqft

Model no.4 cake, Bakery, Snacks, Sweets, Restaurant cost, Unlimited buffet@399 cost

  • Investment:- 2.5 Crore Onwards
  • Profit Margin:- 45 – 60%
  • Franchise Fee;- 45 Lakh
  • Area:- 5000 – 6000 sqft

Model no.5 cake, Bakery, Snacks, Sweets, Restaurant cost, Unlimited buffet@399 cost

  • Investment:- 3.5 Crore Onwards
  • Profit Margin:- 45 – 60%
  • Franchise Fee;- 55 Lakh
  • Area:- 10000 – 12000 sqft

Shantilal’s Food ventures have amazing offers in Sweets shops, restaurants, bakeries, and Unlimited buffet@399/- with more than 75dishes,


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