Super 99

2500000 Exact Investment
65 Franchise Outlets
1500 sqft
Year built: 2007


A shop company called Super 99 Franchise  offers a wide selection of high-quality goods at affordable costs. It is a go-to location for budget shoppers because of its attention to price and variety. It offers everything from everyday items to fashion, products, and more, offering great value for every customers.

                               About Super 99 super 99 store

A well-known retail brand, Super 99 is known for its wide variety of products and outstanding pricing. Super 99 Franchise offers to shoppers on a limited funds by providing a wide range of premium goods at greatly low costs. Super 99 is a one-stop shop for all of your requirements, offering everything from clothes, products, toys, and stationery to daily needs including kitchenware, home decor, and cleaning products. With an attention to cost without sacrificing quality, Super 99 has built a loyal base of customers throughout India. Super 99 offers an outstanding shopping experience that is affordable for everyone.

                              Why Super 99 Franchise 

Purchasing a Super 99 franchise is an exciting way to benefit from a popular retail brand. A Super 99 franchise offers a successful business opportunity with a track record of offering high-quality goods at unbelievable costs. It is a wise decision for business owners looking to succeed in retail because of their widely recognized public image, strong backing, and the opportunity to offer to consumers who are on a budget.

  Benefits of Super 99

Certainly, here are some key benefits of Super 99 Franchise:

Affordable Quality:

Super 99 provides customers with access to top-notch goods at highly low costs, guaranteeing that they get the most for their money.

Wide Range of Products:

To meet the demands of a wide range of customers, the franchise offers a wide range of goods, including clothing, electronics, and home goods.

store super 99

Proven Business Model:

Super 99 offers franchisees a safe and attractive business opportunity thanks to its proven track record and well-known brand.

Strong Support System:

To increase their chances of success, franchisees receive thorough support, including training, marketing aid, and operational direction.

Customer Base:

Super 99 enjoys a loyal customer base thanks to its reputation for quality and affordability, which guarantees franchise owners constant foot traffic and earnings.

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  • Space (sqft):
    1500 sqft
  • Exact Investment:
  • Franchise Outlets:
  • Year built:
  • Status:
  • Founder Name:
    Yusuf Javed
  • Franchise Model:
    Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO)
  • Investment:
    10Lac To 25Lac
  • Franchise Agreement:
    5 Year
  • Return on Investment (ROI):
    12-18 Months