Chaap Express Franchise

500000 Exact Investment
26 Franchise Outlets
500 sqft
Year built: 2018


Delhi chaap Express started chap business in 2015. Vishal Shah ji modal is the founder of Delhi chaap express. Vishal shah is always a foodie and starts always has something unique after many trials want to decide open a chaap business just like nonveg food as a veg food.The owner starts a small Food Cart in virman Nagar Pune. He got a great response from the customer. He is planed we are open more outlets in country in 2022 and the result is 8 outlets opened in 2022. The brand is the one who manufactures and supplies ‘veg chap’ within Maharashtra in the name of ‘VISHAL VEG CHAAP’

Mission & Vision

His mission we provide veg food in a non-veg style. 

Why Open Delhi Chaap Express

  • Ideal For Housewives, Business Enthusiast Part-time Workers.
  • Any one Can start this business as per there budget.
  • No need of big place to start it.
  • Almost ready food will be supply.
  • No need of expert cook.
  • cost-saving business plan.
  • Portable and easy to move.
  • No Royalty
  • Own Production of veg chap.

Franchise Cost & Details

Franchise Type                Pune           Outside       Investment          Area

Food Kiosk                     1Lac              2Lac            50k – 1lac            —

Food Cart                       1lac              2lac              50k – 1lac             —

Shop-1                            1lac             2lac               1.5 lac – 3 lac     150sq-200sq

Shop-2                           1lac              2lac               2.5 lac – 5 lac      200sq – 500 sq

Master Franchise            ——            5 lac              2.5 lac – 5 lac       300sq – 500 sq

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  • Space (sqft):
    500 sqft
  • Exact Investment:
  • Franchise Outlets:
  • Year built:
  • Status:
  • Founder Name:
    Vishal shah ji
  • Franchise Model:
    Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO)
  • Investment:
    1Lac To 10Lac