Chicago Pizza Franchise Opportunity

1200000 Exact Investment
180 Franchise Outlets
100 sqft
Year built: 2007


Chicago Pizza Franchise Opportunity:

In today’s time, those who do not like to eat pizza, especially young people love it very much. foods that are fatty, sweet, rich and complex. Pizza also comes in many varieties Cheese is fatty, meat toppings tend to be rich and the sauce is sweet. Pizza toppings are also packed with a compound called glutamate, which can be found in tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni, etc. But when Chicago Pizza came into the market, it fascinated everyone with its taste. The extra-high crust makes space for lots more cheese, tomato sauce, and toppings than pan pies. With a name that references onions, it’s no wonder that Chicagoans like their pizza with plenty of flavor. The tomato sauce is much thicker than the sauce on pan pizzas. Not only this, Chicago pizza has also given a golden opportunity to the people to do business, that is why today in India the main logo is the profit of the franchise business.

How to get a Chicago Pizza Franchise?

If you are looking for business with Chicago Pizza then you just need for few steps Franchise Batao is introducing the Chicago Pizza franchise for all of you. Let’s see Fundamentals for franchise of Chicago Pizza;

  • Franchise Model: FOFO
  • Area Required:100-150 sq. ft.
  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 5 Lakh
  • Total Investment: Rs. 12 Lakh
  • Royalty- 6%
  • Net profit- 30%

Franchise Batao works with many brands but Chicago Pizza is one of the best Franchises for everyone which is growing with market rapidly.

To get a Chicago Pizza Franchise Opportunity You have to clear all formalities with Documents. They are providing services in different states like Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Chicago Pizza investments vary in  categories like;

  • Take away: 100-200 sq feet
  • Standalone: 500- 1000sq feet
  • Beer and wine:1000-2000 sq feet

Now what are you thinking? Let’s start a business with Chicago Pizza and start your best-earning life.

If you are looking for more brands to do Business at an affordable price then you need to just contact Franchise Batao.

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  • Space (sqft):
    100 sqft
  • Exact Investment:
  • Franchise Outlets:
  • Year built:
  • Status:
  • Founder Name:
    Vishal Kapoor
  • Franchise Model:
    Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO)
  • Investment:
    10Lac To 25Lac
  • Royalty: