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Amruttulya Tea Business Opportunity – The Chai Dealer

15000 Exact Investment
250 - 600 sqft
Year built: 2023


The Chai Dealer Deal in AUTHENTIC AMRUTTULYA FLAVOUR for  B2B. Anyone  Willing to start with their tea outlets or build their own brands can use our products without taking any franchise and paying any royalty fee to us and establish in monopoly in their area by providing the best and most delicious AMRUTTULYA FLAVOUR TEA for tea lovers Amaruttulya tea Franchise Opportunity is a golden chance to start one Chai business.

Amruttulya Tea  Business Insights:

Welcome to our Amruttulya tea blog, where we dive into the delightful world of this aromatic and invigorating beverage. Amruttulya tea, also known as constant taste tea, is a popular beverage in India. It is a delightful blend of black tea, various spices, milk, and sweeteners, creating a unique flavor profile that is both comforting and energizing for us.

Key Ingredients –

Uncover the essential ingredients that make Amruttulya tea so special. Explore the classic blend of black tea, sugar, and secret spices. deeper into the variations of Amruttulya tea, including herbal and caffeine-free versions, and explore the possibilities of creating your own unique Amruttulya brand with our amazing product of unique flavor.


Health Benefits –

Learn about the potential health benefits associated with Amruttulya tea. Explore the antioxidant properties of black tea and the therapeutic properties of the spices used in Amruttulya tea. Discover how these ingredients may help boost digestion, promote heart health,
and provide a natural energy boost.

Business Opportunity –

If you are someone who is looking for a tea franchise, then stop looking for it. Save your hard-earned money and invest it wisely in your business because we are here to offer you the same Amruttulya formula without any franchise cost and all.

Key Benefits –

Here are some key benefits of using our product:


Now you don’t need to hustle every time when you are preparing the tea because the struggle for a constant taste ends here. Yes, every time you make tea using our product and following the process, the taste remains constant.

b) No Acidity –

As we can see there is always some acidity problem when we drink Tea. But with our product which is Amruttulya tea there won’t be any acidity problem. So as a result, your customers will be drinking more cups on compare to a regular basis which will ultimately lead to higher revenue for your tea business.

c) Jaggery flavor –

You also get your hands on one of our most loved-product that is Jaggery tea. Jaggery has many health benefits like it manages diabetes, treating cough, promoting weight loss, Boost Digestion, alleviating acidity, Regulates Periods, Beats Anaemia, and Clearing intestinal worms.

Amaruttulya Tea is one of the best flavors which is most liked in India. This product is very popular among people. If you are planning to start a business with this product “Amaruttulya Tea Franchise Opportunity” then don’t worry Franchise Batao is providing this business through “The Chai Dealer”.

Let’s Contact Franchise Batao; 7011466766


  • Space (sqft):
    250 - 600 sqft
  • Exact Investment:
  • Year built:
  • Status:
  • Founder Name:
    Agustey Singh
  • Franchise Model:
    Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO)
  • Investment:
    10,000 To 1Lac